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Try your hand at lots of interactive activities without any of the mess. featured activity - Superactioncomicmaker

A chance to create your very own super action adventure in six frames. This cross curricular tool allows imaginations to run riot with choices of characters, backgrounds and speech bubbles.

Once you've created your comic book page you can send it to friends or even your teacher or just print it out and start your own comic book publishing company.

enter here for super action comic maker
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art on location
Art on location allows you to produce huge panels in public spaces in the UK
  explore self portraits
create your self portrait and send it to a friend.
use our virtual camera to take shots for a magazine.
  explore pop art
explore a famous pop art image and create your own.
super action comic maker
create a story using super action comic heroes.
  explore lino printing
design and print a Kew Gardens poster.
stitch it up
create a duvet cover.
  explore colour
try mixing colours to match Heron's work.
try carving a two ton stone block in 3D.
  explore perspective
get a private lesson from Canaletto.
card studio
design a Christmas card using Card Studio.
  explore cultures
explore the world of two painters from Liverpool.
screen printer
virtual screen printing, all the fun without the mess.
  landscape challenge
sit on a river bank with the late John Constable.
slip decorator
decorate a ceramic plate, fire it in a virtual kiln.
  in the gallery
rate the artworks, view the critic's chart.
paint studio
a blank canvas to spraypaint and collage.
  figure it out
drawing made easy with our virtual life model tool.
trees and tides
become a land artist and make work on the beach or in the woods.
picture book maker
create a new children's picture book with animal characters and win a prize.
jewellery designer
design and make cast resin jewellery