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Watch each artist at work, learn about the techniques they use and the influences that have shaped their practice. Follow a workshop or hear the artist answer questions from children. All artists also have their own teachers' and gallery areas. featured artist - Suky Best is an animation artist who uses a technique of drawing over video that she films specially for the purpose. This can be a slow and long process but she never seems to get bored. We filmed Suky as she set out to make a new animation about birds of prey. Although she has made lots of films about birds but this is the first time she has looked at very fast moving hunting birds.
See how she got on by watching the time-lapse video clip.
Suky time-lapse

Suky also visits the National Media Museum in Bradford to find out more about early animation machines.
Suky influences

Antony Gormley
Special feature includes 'Field for British Isles' and 'Case for an Angel'.
  Paul Scott
Paul screen-prints unique designs onto clay.
Jane Ray
Children's book illustrator on her collaboration with the current poet laureate.
Suky Best
Suky creates animations about birds by drawing over video.
  Wang Quinsong
Chinese photographer who creates huge set piece photographs.
Sarah Dyer
Children's book illustrator starts a new book about zoo animals
Art and science together at Kew Gardens.
Kevin Clifford
Photographer who photographs dancers in the landscape
  Paul McLaren
Internationally famous carnival artist.
Umlando Wezithombe
Comic book artists with an important role.
  Andy Goldsworthy
Famous sculptor's biggest exhibition to date at Yorkshire Sculpture Park.
Maddi Nicholson
Maddi uses textiles to create an inflatable sculpture.
  Edwards and Lamb
Carla and Hannah make jewellery in very different ways.
Gordon Cheung
Gordon creates fantasy landscapes with ink and spray.
  Trudi Entwistle
Trudi creates stainless steel outdoor sculptures.
Rebecca Chesney
Rebecca makes an installation at The Wordsworth Trust.
  Chun Chao Chiu
Chun Chao makes large-scale outdoor drawings.
British Art Show 6
Behind the scenes at one of Britains major galleries.
  Mike Eden
Mike creates ceramics using traditional and contemporary techniques.