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cross curricular
Each featured artist has sections on techniques, influences, questions and a gallery of their work. We also produce a classroom workshop on a related theme which should be replicable in schools across the country.
featured artist

The recent term featuring the artists from South Africa who have drawn the life of Nelson Mandela in comic book form is a good example. Umlando Wezithombe. We would draw your attention especially to the Story of Mandela page which has eight video clips which highlight eight important events in Nelson Mandelas life and the comments by Santa Buchanan in the Influences section about life as a white child growing up in South Africa.

On the theme of comic books we also made Superactioncomicmaker an interactive activity which allows learners to create fantastic stories for comic characters in pictures and text. We think that both of these recent additions could be of use as part of Citizenship for KS2/3 or English KS2/3.

Tell us what you think via our Get in touch button on the dropdown menu. As part of our work with Andy Goldsworthy we filmed young people discuss and debate the merits of his work in the galleries of Yorkshire Sculpture Park as part of a special Audience section.

We have a similar set of video clips relating to the British Art Show and to Antony Gormley's 'Field for the British Isles' We hope these video clips will be of particular use as part of Literacy KS2 speaking and listening.
Andy Goldsworthy
Famous sculptor's biggest exhibition to date in which he makes sculpture from stone, clay and wood, discussed by KS2 3 learners.

English KS 2
Speaking and listening
Science KS 2
Grouping materials.

Sarah Dyer
Create a children's book story using pictures and text with six pages, cover and back cover

English KS 2
English KS 2
English KS 2

British Art Show
Visiting an exhibition discussed by KS 3 learners in Brtitish Art Show Influences section.

English KS 3
Speaking and listening
Rebecca Chesney
Gordon Cheung
Gordon's parents lived in Hong Kong and Chinese technique and culture has influenced his fantasy landscapes. See particularly the Questions and Influences sections.

Citizenship KS1& 2

Chun Chao Chiu
Chun Chao Chiu is originally from Taiwan and his work is heavily influenced by Chinese technique and Zen Buddism.

RE KS 1/2
Opportunties for Learning from religion

Mike Eden
Mike creates colourful ceramics.

Design Technology KS 2
Evaluating processes and products
Science KS 2
Changing materials.

Kevin Clifford
Edwards and Lamb
Carla and Hannah make jewellery in very different ways. Carla uses resin which sets by chemical reaction and Hannah makes jewellery from precious metals using techniques that involve heat and abrasion.

Design Technology KS 2
Evaluating processes and products.
Science KS 2
Grouping materials.

Trudi Entwistle
Two artists whose work is inspired by plants and science, can introduce or reinforce the following concepts:

Science KS 2
Green plants, growth and nutrition.
Science KS 2
Grouping materials.

Science KS 2
Ideas and evidence in science.
Science KS 3
Application and implications of science.

Design Technology KS 2
Evaluating processes and products.

Paul McLaren
Maddi Nicholson
Wang Qingsong
Paul Scott
Umlando Wezithombe
Comic book artists from South Africa producing the life of Nelson Mandela in eight episodes, can introduce or reinforce the following concepts:

Citizenship KS 2
To think about other people living in other places and times. Citizenship KS 3
Rights and responsibilities.
R.E. KS 1/2
Mandela is sited in some agreed syllabusses.
Suky Best
Suky Best is an animation artist who uses a technique of drawing over video that she films specially for the purpose.