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New activity channel
ArtisanCam now has a brand new activity channel, which features all of your favourite interactive games and activities and much more. The updated zone not only has a new look but there are lots of new functions too.Now simply by registering your name, you, or your students, can follow an individual learning journey, which will enable you to come back to the activity channel at any time and continue with your progress.
Click on an image or activity and you'll be shown some video footage. Then once you've correctly answered a related question, you can have a go yourself with an interactive activity. And as you reach your milestones you'll be rewarded with bonus activities from the games gallery.
The Big Face winners announced
The Big Face is a huge picture of a face made up of more than 12,000 individual self portraits by young people.
Featuring Antony Gormley.....
Antony Gormley new microsite
New animation artist.....
Suky Best
Picture Book Maker competition winners announced
Two lucky winners of our national competition to design a new children's book.
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