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You can include ArtisanCam in your teaching in a number of ways, from classroom activities guided by the classroom workshop video clips to research using timelapse, techniques, influences or questions sections or using the interactive online learning tools. Featured artists usually have seven sections and the table below will tell you what you should expect to see:
Through using the site, and being encouraged to discuss, reflect on contemporary sculpture and by creating and modifying the work they produce, pupils will know, do or understand the following:
  • identify the materials used in sculpture [see andy timelapse, andy techniques' - 'sculpture workshop'].
  • identify techniques used in producing sculpture using a variety of materials [eg. stone,clay, chestnut stalks'].
  • create a sculpture using the techniques outlined on the site ['workshops: - sculpture workshop, coming soon'].
  • create a virtual work of public art using the online Sculpturama interactive activity ['kidzone' - 'Sculpturama'].
  • realise that there are contemporary artists who create art as a living [passim].
  • understand the motivations behind the choice of art as a career ['questions'].
  • understand that an artist's relationship with nature and the environment can influence their work ['Andy Goldsworthy, questions,timelapse, techniques'].
  • explain how they made their sculptures ['timelapse, questions'].
  • to make comments about their work, showing understanding of why these materials are used.
  • to review what they and others have done, say what they think and feel about it and what they might change.
You may find other ILOs equally or more applicable to your pupils' needs.
cross curricular
Famous sculptor's biggest exhibition to date in which he makes sculpture from stone, clay and wood, discussed by KS2 3 learners.

English KS 2
Speaking and listening
Science KS 2
Grouping materials.
The three large scale sculptures took six weeks to install in the Underground gallery at Yorkshire Sculpture Park, Wakefield. YSP is situated near Wakefield. Andy Goldsworthy's exhibition at YSP was open until January 2008. The progress of the works was captured in timelapse video and some sequences are speeded up..
Andy Goldsworthy is describing and demonstrating techniques used in the production of his works for Yorkshire Sculpture Park.
We asked local schools to become art critics for the day and review Andy Goldsworthy's Exhibition at Yorkshire Sculpture Park for us.

Find out what the Year 8 and Year 6 pupils thought here.
classroom workshops
ArtisanCam/Andy Goldsworthy and the associated workshops can also form the subject of the QCA schemes of work;

1b Investigating materials
1c What is sculpture
3c Can we change places
6c A sense of Place
7c Recreating landscapes
9c Personal places, public spaces
Visiting a mus
Andy answers questions about his work
other interesting sites (relating to this terms activity)

The first section of Andy Goldsworthy's archive catalogue is now available on line at

Yorkshire Sculpture Park
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activity - Trees and Tides
Trees and tides replicates the way that land artists work with found natural materials. In this activity you can go to the woods or to the bar=each and use leaves or pebbles to make a sculpture. Beware though because the wind can get up at anytime or the tide could come in so work fast. You can make a hole in the ground in the woods with the stick and one of the pebbles on the beach can smash stones in half but you have to experiment to find out which. Its just like being a real artist with no instructions.