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You can include ArtisanCam in your teaching in a number of ways, from classroom activities guided by the classroom workshop video clips to research using timelapse, techniques, influences or questions sections or using the interactive online learning tools. Featured artists usually have seven sections and the table below will tell you what you should expect to see:
Through using the site, and being encouraged to discuss, reflect on and modify the work they produce, pupils will know, do or understand the following:
  1. identify the materials used in drawing [see 'workshops' - 'drawing workshop'].
  2. identify techniques used in producing drawings using a variety of materials [eg. smudging, laying a ground and drawing negative space, in 'workshops: drawing'].
  3. create a series of drawings using the techniques outlined on the site ['workshops: - drawing workshop'].
  4. create a virtual work of public art using the online Art on Location ['workshops' - 'Art on Location'].
  5. realize that there are contemporary artists who create art as a living [passim].
  6. understand the motivations behind the choice of art as a career ['questions'].
  7. understand that an artist's beliefs can influences their work ['questions'].
  8. explain how they made their drawings ['workshops' - 'screenprint workshop' - 'finished prints'].
  9. to make comments about their work, showing understanding of why these materials are used.
  10. to review what they and others have done, say what they think and feel about it and what they might change.
You may find other ILOs equally or more applicable to your pupils' needs.
cross curricular
Chun Chao Chui is originally from Taiwan and his work is heavily influenced by Chinese technique and Zen Buddism.

RE KS 1/2
Opportunties for Learning from religion
The large scale drawing took 20 days to complete. The progress of the work is captured in a timelapse video.
Chun-Chao is demonstrating techniques used in the production of his work in general and traditional Chinese drawing and painting in particular.
Chun-Chao chose to visit Yorkshire Sculpture Park in West Yorkshire to look at their extensive sculpture display. He chose a work by Peter Randall Page. To find out more about Yorkshire Sculture Park, go to
classroom workshops
The drawing workshop uses the following materials:
  1. Box of mixed size charcoal
  2. Rubbers, putty rubbers are best
  3. Rough textured paper in sheets or a sketchbook
  4. Wax candles
You may also find these things useful:
  1. Fruit
  2. Aprons
  3. Plastic top tables
  1. Any workshop involving charcoal can be messy.
  2. The drawing exercises with a wax candle and with a brush are intended as short warm-up activities.
  3. When applying the first layer of charcoal do not press too hard.
  4. Try and get the children to work quite large.
  5. Do not move the fruit or turn lights on once the children have started drawing as the shadows will change.
Within this section, there are three types of questions; those asked by us, those that have come from children via the live video conference links and questions submitted via the submit button.
other interesting sites (relating to this terms activity)

For additional information about Chun-Chao Chiu and examples of his work, go to

National Society for Education in Art and Design

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activity - Art on Location
Art on location allows the user to create huge artworks at various venues across the country in a similar way to artists Chun Chao Chiu.