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You can include ArtisanCam in your teaching in a number of ways, from classroom activities guided by the classroom workshop video clips to research using timelapse, techniques, influences or questions sections or using the interactive online learning tools. Featured artists usually have seven sections and the table below will tell you what you should expect to see:
Autumn Term 2007 - Maddi Nicholson - Textile and mixed media installation - at ArtGene
cross curricular
Maddi uses textiles in a new way.

Design Technology KS 2
Evaluating processes and products.
Science KS 2
Changing materials.
The Maddi Nicholson timelapse section gives the story of the design and production of a contemporary inflatable textile and mixed media work inspired by plastic toys and using cloth from the only working steam powered textile mill in the UK, Queens St Mill in Burnley. The large scale sculpture took more than twenty days to make at Maddis studio at Artgene. The progress of work was captured in a timelapse video. Maddi was assisted in the production by colleagues from the Artgene studios.

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Maddi Nicholson is demonstrating techniques used in the production of her work 'All things that begin, must end' and inflatable turkey leg made from textile produced by Queen St Mill in Burnley attached to a giant wooden bird box inspired by a real object made by her stepfather from old ammunition boxes.
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Classroom workshop

Maddi Nicholson filmed Influences at the Lancashire seaside town of Blackpool where she searches souvenier shops for plastic goods from China. She is seen buying and talking about things she likes and particularly good taste and bad taste.
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classroom workshops
The textiles workshop shows the development of a hanging textile banner using a number of different techniques that are replicable in any school. The sessions are lead by artist Jacqui Smith and the school featured is in Burnley, Lancashire.
The textile workshop uses the following materials, tools or software:
  1. Fun foam
  2. Scissors
  3. Masking tape
  4. Glass sheet
  5. PVA glue
  6. Containers
  7. fabris paints or inks
  8. felt pens

You may also find these things useful:
  1. Old newspapers or paper towels
  2. Glitter pens


  1. Stretch the length of fabric across a table or flat work surface before printing
  2. Do not move the block during printing
  3. Test print on paper before printing on fabric

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The Maddi Nicholson eight questions were filmed as part of live webcasts with schools from across the country . Maddi answers questions from young people about her life and work and particularly the creation of the work 'All things that begin, must end'
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