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You can include ArtisanCam in your teaching in a number of ways, from classroom activities guided by the classroom workshop video clips to research using timelapse, techniques, influences or questions sections or using the interactive online learning tools. Featured artists usually have seven sections and the table below will tell you what you should expect to see:
Spring Term 2008 - Paul McLaren

Through using the site, and being encouraged to discuss, reflect on contemporary carnival and carnival costume and by creating and modifying the work they produce, pupils will know, do or understand the following:
  1. identify the materials used in carnival costume [see 'workshops' - 'carnival workshop'].
  2. identify techniques used in producing carnival costume using a variety of materials [eg. ribbon, glitter, plastic, alluminium]
  3. create a headdress or carnival costume using the techniques outlined on the site ['workshops: - carnival workshop'].
  4. create a performance incorporating costume, ['workshops: - carnival workshop'].
  5. realise that there are contemporary artists who create art as a living [passim].
  6. understand the motivations behind the choice of art as a career ['questions'].
  7. understand that an artist's relationship with nature and the environment can influence their work ['questions, influences'].
  8. explain how they made their carnival costumes, designs for carnival costumes or virtual carnival costumes['carnival workshops, timelapse, techniques].
  9. to make comments about their work, showing understanding of why these materials are used.
  10. to review what they and others have done, say what they think and feel about it and what they might change.
You may find other ILOs equally or more applicable to your pupils' needs.
cross curricular
A carnival artist whose huge Angel costume has to be designed to be functional and safe.

Mathematics KS 2.
Opportunities for exploring shape and space.
Design Technology KS 2
Evaluating processes and products.
The large scale Angel costume took more than twenty days to make at Barracudas Carnival workshop in Barrow in Furness. Barracudas Carnival Company hosted Paul's residency in the UK. The progress of work was captured in a timelapse video including the final performance on the streets of Barrow in Furness accompanied by the Barracudas band.

Paul McLaren is demonstrating techniques used in the production of the 'Angel' costume

Paul McLaren filmed Influences at the Vindolanda Trust on the Roman Wall in Northumberland. The trust was founded to excavate and preserve remains of the Roman fort. You can find out more about Vindolanda at
classroom workshops
The classroom workshop is led by carnival artist Gemma Cumming from Busy Ape arts who worked with a small rural school to produce their own Angel wings and headdresses. The nine one minute clips lead you through that process from the intial discussions to final performance.

The artist answers questions about his life and work archived from live webcasts with young people.

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