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You can include ArtisanCam in your teaching in a number of ways, from classroom activities guided by the classroom workshop video clips to research using timelapse, techniques, influences or questions sections or using the interactive online learning tools. Featured artists usually have seven sections and the table below will tell you what you should expect to see:
Autumn Term 2008 - Wang Qingsong- Photography - at Northern Stage, Newcastle upon Tyne
Wang Qingsong and his team are from China and are based in Beijing. The video clips were made with funding from Cumbria and Lancashire Education Online and the support of Northern Stage
Wang Qingsong's work at Northern Stage was commissioned by Culture 10
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The Wang Qingsong timelapse section gives the story of the design and production of the giant tableau in stage one at Northern Stage, Newcastle upon Tyne. Wang Qingsong and his team and the make up artists employed for the project are followed as they prepare the 300 volunteers for the final photograph.
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Unfortunately we were unable to film a techniques section with Wang Qingsong during the short time he was in the country.

classroom workshops
The digital photography classroom workshop was led by artist Amanda Kennington. Amanda shows examples of artists who use expression and perspective in their work and then shows the young people how to use the same techniques. The workshop culminates in some outide shots using cheap animal masks. The pupils involved in this workshop were Yr11 and 12 working in groups of two and three. The movement photos require a tripod. Digital cameras with memory cards are preferred because they allow the pupils to take many more images before haveing to download to a laptop or desktop computer. Remember you will need the usb cable to connect to a laptop or other computer. The movement photos can be improved by using the camera with the flash on. Plain clothes for the pupils being photographed works best.

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The Wang Qingsong eight questions were filmed at Northern Stage with his wife Zhang Fang acting as intrepreter.
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